Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Charlotte creates Olympian worthy heels

The portal of creativity that Charlotte Olympia channels to create her one of a kind shoes is no where on earth i am pretty sure of that. I came across a sexy pair of her heels with a uniquely shaped platform, so i chose to dig deeper into her collection and came across an array of shoegasmic heels. There was even a pair that seemed like they were inspired by my favorite colorful commercial Chiquita Banana ;)
The Shoe
Charlotte Olympia in The Shoe

                                       Besides being incredibly playful with her delectable shoes, she can also appeal to the less humored fashionistas. Her shoes are in constant rotation on the A-List and many a red carpet, the distinctive shape to her platforms has made quite a name for itself i have a few picks below ;)
Pastel Pink mmm

"EVE" shoe

Margherita Missoni

Hillary Duff

Love the platform and the simplicity go girl!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5OO Days Of Summer meets Wale....


So while i was surfing the web for frugal finds i came across the Official Video for "The Break Up" song. For those of you that are not hip, well this song was leaked last year before Wale's mix tape "more about nothing" dropped. I loved it and i came across it last year after i heard "Contemplate" another great track about love lost. This video by far is number one in my book of fave Wale videos, my fave up until like 30 minutes ago as "my sweetie". They taped at Howard University and showed narrative drawings of the monument.The concept behind the video is very similar to that of 500 days of summer, from the narrator introducing Wale and his boo in the video as "This is a story of boy meets girl. Then the early formations of there views on love, Wale being more compassionate and the girl not sticking around to much to fall in love. It is an ode to a good movie done the right way, the various city scape's around the D.C. area. He even took a few seconds to pull out a "Ambitious Girl"(more about nothing mixtape skit)  moment in the video. It was an ode to love, D.C. and the many Redskins (he was sporting the sweatshirt in the classroom). It is nice to see him representing the D.M.V. nation and keeping his poetic rhymes alive.Between this video and his new alliance with Mr. Rick Ross, 2011 is definitely looking good for the Hometown Homie.

 Enjoy below "Break Up Song" Directed by Walu & Dj Omega

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vintage caps for men do or dont?

Usually i do center a lot of my fashion around my fellow femme fatals out there. But unbeknown to most I do like to dibble dabble in mens fashion quit often. I came across these guys ONLY NY that create awesome Mens wear. It leans more towards casual and Hip hop lifestyle today. I love it though, what really caught my eye though was the vintage fabric they use on there caps. It creates a stellar complexity in fashion to see fabrics that are usually in the clearance section at the fabric store. It blew my mind i picked a few out below, I plan on coppin one for myself. I don't care if they were made for men. They would go great with a pair TOMs in my book. Yeah I can see them fitting write in with any inner-city theme. I have a few of my faves from there vintage collection they are a few bucks more than the new era caps but for a one of a kind cap i think its worth the price. Vintage in my book is always priceless ;-)
Check Them Out Online At: ONLY NY