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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frank Ocean Croons his Acura Integurl

Well, I have been a part of the following with Frank Ocean. For a man so young he sure enough knows the pain of Love in and out.The melodic tunes of the pianos chords strum to a lot of common hurt. So far ........I am a pretty big fan. I almost wish that he would stay underground so his wont music won't lose depth like we lost Drake's .......... #TRUTH ........
Just watch the video ....matter of a fact
play the video and close your eyes at first if you haven't heard the song and imagine your own love life ....Then watch it ......It will hit u

Get Hip

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get ready kids this summer is filled with Boho-Feva!!!!

Being a child of individuality, I have always searched for a personal style that best fit my personality. After years of fashionable turmoil and trying on every possible look. I have become most accustomed and associated with the "Boho" look. It is free, to say the least you can be sexy with out doing as much as a prim and proper diva has to do. I am a fan of the off the shoulders, feathers, long flowing skirts, wild hair and frayed shorts. I am a flower child and i accept my role as a Boho-nista if you will ;)

Rihanna here in Christian Louboutin Luxura Platform Ankle-Strap Pumps, Helmut Lang Frequency Print Skirt & Helmut Lang Assymetrical Top tied in the front....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chris Brown got Flow???

Well if singing wasn't enough, Chris Brown stops by MTV2 with Funkmaster Flex at his show "Funk Flex Full Throttle" and drops a couple bars.He has rapped here and there on his mixtapes "in my zone" and "fan of a fan"He's actually not bad. If he dropped a mixtape with him mostly or only  rappin i would rock to it.I think Mr.2 up 2 down has it in him to lay down a bunch of bars.

"its like i traveled to another dimension , uh, cuz shawty got my soldier standin at attention, im like yeah its the battle of the sexes, i wrap her legs round my head like a necklace, its like its bombs over baghdad, and shawty ass phat so imma bag dat, mama mercy that's what you beggin for, im standin on the bar and screamin, if i want me ready for, now hold your glasses up , if you need more, a whole lot of women but i need more , i got that long sword like the marine core , let me take a ... i'll leave yo spleen soar, i think im king kong ,godzilla, i go a couple rounds .. thrilla in manilla"

Who knows what he'll do next ....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Last Name London ..... First Name Theophilus

First i had to channell some Theophilus for this post, hence the picture. Mr. London has finally revealed the name of his first album, "Times Are Weird These Days", it is slated to be released this summer on 7-19-11.  He is a mixture of hip hop , electro and pop from the 90's. I have infectiously fallen in love with his mixtapes and with the release of "Last Name London", I am sure to be at the Best Buy in Union Square picking up his album. I have been a fan sense "This Charming Mixtape" , and I heard "Cold Pillow." I knew he was the solution to the vacant space of my musically ridden heart.
But i willl prolong this no more, check out his newest single "Last Name London" enjoy!!!!

Even if this is old "I Want You" is still one of my favorites................
Click here to read the post i put up about that video when it first released last year......sexiest song ever!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dmv's Own: Kid Musiq

Check out a new artist hailing from the D.M.V. .....Specifically Alexandria I am a big fan of "Just A Fan" lol no pun intended....

Here is a bio below, read all about him and check out his music below GOTTA SUPPORT THE HOME TEAM.

Hailing from Northern Virginia KidMusiq is the next big thing to blow.With a growing fan base of over 30,000 twitter followers and half a million youtube views he has finally release the highly anticipated "Classic 93".Classic 93 serves as an introduction to KidMusiq with songs like "Steez" "Just A Fan" and "The Secret he proves he is just as versatile as he is marketable. KidMusiq is someone you want to watch out for below is the link to his EPK along with his social media outlets. I hope you enjoy.

Shout Out 2 Barbara for puttin me on !!!!

Spin In The City Inner Beauty

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The programs are designed to educate the girls in financial literacy, civic engagement,
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Thursday, May 12 from 8-10PM, Join TALKOFDC.COM, IamSuperGorge, The Jasmine Brand for 
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Shout Out 2 Yodit for puttin me on !!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Future of Hip Hop : Gilbere Forte

I have beend working on having more of my personal music faves on her so i created, Future of Hip Hop. Where every once and a while i will have a short convo with some of the up and comers in music today. I had the pleasure of attending Bamboozle 2011 and there were a lot of big names on the bill. Wiz Khalifa , Lil Wayne, Pusha T, Travie Mccoy and many more. As much as I loved all the big names there was one name that I ran across that I knew I had to check out, Gilbere Forte'. Thanks to a Good Friend (Najah) that already knew how big of a fan I am of his music. Cold Summer being one of my all time favorites (Check the first Mixtape "87 Dreams"), he is changing the perspective i was beginning to have about the future of hip hop. I am a seed stemming from listening to music like Jdilla , Jayz, Common , Mos Def and Erykah Badu. Born in Flint, Michigan he has moved around Chicago and after a few years ended up in Philly.e I cam across him last year after a friend (S/O to Yasmine) asked me if i had heard anything off his mixtape "87 Dreams" and i hadn't. Then i looked him up and come to find out there was a buzz going on about him well before i knew about him. I fell in love with the mixtape and "Cold Summer" really sold me and from there on I have been following his success.

Then he got his video for "Black Chukkas" on 106 & Park late last year

He has been touring all over, SXSW, Bamboozle and even all the way in Cali. He is an artist to watch and his recent mixtape with the legendary Don Cannon "Eyes of Veritas" is a hit!!! You can go to his site to download it for FREE  and see all his upcoming shows ;)

Here is the interview with me and Gilbere Forte at Bamboozle 2011 from this past weekend

Monday, May 2, 2011

500 days of Gay

I just thought this movie was one of the best movies i have seen in a while. Then my good friend Greyg (i mispelled on purpose inside joke) decided to make his own short and sweet version of the lovers tale film. He enjoys some quality time with his good buddy Collin in IKEA.It is a very cute and engaging clip, the facial expressions were very Minaj. I loved the part where they fed each other. If only they could have worn chaps, i think that would have changed the caliber of the film. So enjoy the foolishness of there Gay parody called "500 Days Of Gay"
Check there blog out when your done to ;)

New Era Caps + N.E.R.D. + Billionaire Boys Club = Insanity!!!

I am willing to stalk the New Era cap store until these release. Being a new comer in the hat collecting world, I like to get head wear that is either odd or unique (or both). I came across this ad about N.E.R.D. putting a collection together of Billionaire Boys Club fitted's with New Era . I love the staple of the nerd army gear but it would be awesome to have a BBC cap;-) Just saying my birthday is in 1 month ....Check out the video of them talking about the caps ;-)