Monday, May 16, 2011

Chris Brown got Flow???

Well if singing wasn't enough, Chris Brown stops by MTV2 with Funkmaster Flex at his show "Funk Flex Full Throttle" and drops a couple bars.He has rapped here and there on his mixtapes "in my zone" and "fan of a fan"He's actually not bad. If he dropped a mixtape with him mostly or only  rappin i would rock to it.I think Mr.2 up 2 down has it in him to lay down a bunch of bars.

"its like i traveled to another dimension , uh, cuz shawty got my soldier standin at attention, im like yeah its the battle of the sexes, i wrap her legs round my head like a necklace, its like its bombs over baghdad, and shawty ass phat so imma bag dat, mama mercy that's what you beggin for, im standin on the bar and screamin, if i want me ready for, now hold your glasses up , if you need more, a whole lot of women but i need more , i got that long sword like the marine core , let me take a ... i'll leave yo spleen soar, i think im king kong ,godzilla, i go a couple rounds .. thrilla in manilla"

Who knows what he'll do next ....

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