Friday, May 13, 2011

Last Name London ..... First Name Theophilus

First i had to channell some Theophilus for this post, hence the picture. Mr. London has finally revealed the name of his first album, "Times Are Weird These Days", it is slated to be released this summer on 7-19-11.  He is a mixture of hip hop , electro and pop from the 90's. I have infectiously fallen in love with his mixtapes and with the release of "Last Name London", I am sure to be at the Best Buy in Union Square picking up his album. I have been a fan sense "This Charming Mixtape" , and I heard "Cold Pillow." I knew he was the solution to the vacant space of my musically ridden heart.
But i willl prolong this no more, check out his newest single "Last Name London" enjoy!!!!

Even if this is old "I Want You" is still one of my favorites................
Click here to read the post i put up about that video when it first released last year......sexiest song ever!!!

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