Friday, March 25, 2011

Christian Loubotin is ready for the 4th of July

Christian Loubotin is always pushing there shoe schemes to the next level. This Star-Spangled inspired sneaker is quit a catch. The outer shell of it is layered in many different textures. Its a high-top sneaker with cream suede and silver stars along the front and back. Blue and silver dots along the sides, with a a red patent leather trim accented with a gold trim. I think of fireworks and summertime when i see these sneaks, they are dubbed fly ass sneakers.

in the words of Jayz "SWEEETTT"

I just feel like this song belongs with this sneaker ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beautiful people and Basketball w/ Chris Brown

If you haven't already heard this song. YOUR LATE. I know he has been saying at all of his album release parties that the next single would be "she ain't you". But after the situation that occurred with him at Good Morning America and Playing basketball in NYC by the West 4th street station (pics below)

This video emerged online and it came just in time. It wont erase what happened but it helps to get people back to thinking about his music, not his outburst. I love the feel of the song it has a dance feel and universal message. That everyone is "BEAUTIFUL" , its even a testimony to what people go through every day. I hope you enjoy the video it speaks for itself, a lot of dancing, goofing around and celebrity cameos. The Game, Tinie Tempah, Pharell, Swizz Beatz, Diddy, Teyana Taylor, Ryan Leslie, T-Pain, Tyga, Estelle, Brandy, Nelly, Polow Da Omarion and soooo many more. Its just nice to hear feel-good music again , Enjoy ;-)

I will leave with these words from the song:
"Take your time 
take your time  
take your sexy time  
lose your head  
lose your head 
your beauty's deep inside inside you  
don't let 'em bring you down no  
your beauty is inside you  
don't let 'em bring you down no "

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Sure Thing" that Miguel has got another hit

Yall know i love music but when it comes to new artists in R&B i am very particular with who i listen to.
Miguel's  last hit "All I Want Is You" was a testimony to what R&B use to be about, with feature J.Cole on it the song is still in rotation across the country. Now he has released "Sure Thing" and he is assuring  "our love is a sure thing". No doubt it is buzzing around and I have already heard it on the radio!! I hope to hear more from him. Just as long as he finds a better stylist, he is my boo but sometimes what he wears is not cute. The video is sexy, sultry and soulful, just like his voice. I love it !!!!  The video and pics are below

I will leave yall with this .... 
 "Even when the sky comes fallin
Even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine
Even when we're down to the wire babe
Even when it's do or die
We can do it baby simple and plain
This love is a sure thing "

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chris Brown's Exclusives !!!!

So I was lucky enough to be at an album listening party here in NYC and  with Chris Brown. I just wanted to post two very important announcements that he made.

The first one would be the announcement of his next single  "She Ain't You", which is a spin off from "Human Nature" with Michael Jackson. I personally love it and think this will be a hit, he has already done so well will yeah 3x and look at me now.
Listen to it below!!!!!

Then he assured us that in 6 months, he will drop another album. So a lot of songs that leaked that didn't make it on this album will be on the next one "sweet heart" was one of them. I am pretty excited about this after today i see he is passionate about his comeback. He was doing the dougie, dancing around , i could see the spirit in him live as can be!!!!

He ended the show with " 2 years ago no one thought i would get this far (speaking on the Rihanna incident) well look at me now bitches"

Gotta love him  #TeamBreezy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent the "plus belles pièces"

In Paris, Stefano Pilati (Head designer at the YSL house) a very direct and 60's inspired line hit the runway. It was very reminiscent of YSL lines from before, when simplicity was key and the woman's body was the ultimate focus. There were lots of double breasted coats (knee length), full sleeves, capes with a baroque feel, even men's tailored suits with no shirt underneath (keeps it sexy). Pilati has done a lot with YSL sense his takeover in 2002. Then after a few pieces of dark hounds tooth we get to see a few electric blue and purple pieces. Then there was a phase of tracksuits and all white floor length beauties. The were like the 70's  had comeback with one of Charlies Angels. Then finally the most magnificent wide legged pants with a bow belt and a plethora of feathers that covered the models arms. She looked as if she was blessed with a swans elegance and poise. It was an awesome show and proves how YSL is always staying present in fashion, they re invent things in way you weren't imagining.

Then there is the "plus belles pièces" or the "most beautiful piece"
ahh yess i have died and awakened in a land of wide leg bottoms, swan feathers and satin decadence.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Grills High Fashion?

Yeah i know the title maybe hard to believe but you read it correctly. In the Fall 2011 collection of Gareth Pugh, he premiered a Blue LED mouthpiece. You have to have a lot of swag to transform something that is usually depicted as a hood accessory into a high fashion piece. I love it, to top it off he had all his models rocking eye jewelry,.......i love it. It may not be the most functional but from a styling stand point it is something to stare at in awww. Enjoy

Ga Ga "winning" at the Thierry Mugler show in Paris

As expected Gaga switched up her style, but not her swagger for the Thierry Mugler show in Paris. She went big in every way possible. Big Ponytails, huge platforms and her cat claws. I have to marinate a little on her fabulous nails, they are like cat claws but more than the obvious if you look at the up close pic below.
Her nails are adorned with chains and various shards of glistening glamour. I love it, she reminds me of a Av ant Garde' Glenda the good witch.......
The styles they have her in remind me of an earlier John Galliano, I love the dramatic Red.
Another ode to how fabulous Gaga is ;)