Friday, March 4, 2011

Grills High Fashion?

Yeah i know the title maybe hard to believe but you read it correctly. In the Fall 2011 collection of Gareth Pugh, he premiered a Blue LED mouthpiece. You have to have a lot of swag to transform something that is usually depicted as a hood accessory into a high fashion piece. I love it, to top it off he had all his models rocking eye jewelry,.......i love it. It may not be the most functional but from a styling stand point it is something to stare at in awww. Enjoy


  1. Great posting! LED lights YES YES love this idea. As far as the eye jewelry, looked crazy at first, but def flowed into the whole arrangment of look.


  2. Rushell

    That FIFTH outfit is rocking!!! & fashion is everything yo because its just art and art evolves and transforms over so many different mediums! <3 I love it!