Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chris Brown's Exclusives !!!!

So I was lucky enough to be at an album listening party here in NYC and  with Chris Brown. I just wanted to post two very important announcements that he made.

The first one would be the announcement of his next single  "She Ain't You", which is a spin off from "Human Nature" with Michael Jackson. I personally love it and think this will be a hit, he has already done so well will yeah 3x and look at me now.
Listen to it below!!!!!

Then he assured us that in 6 months, he will drop another album. So a lot of songs that leaked that didn't make it on this album will be on the next one "sweet heart" was one of them. I am pretty excited about this after today i see he is passionate about his comeback. He was doing the dougie, dancing around , i could see the spirit in him live as can be!!!!

He ended the show with " 2 years ago no one thought i would get this far (speaking on the Rihanna incident) well look at me now bitches"

Gotta love him  #TeamBreezy

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