Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beautiful people and Basketball w/ Chris Brown

If you haven't already heard this song. YOUR LATE. I know he has been saying at all of his album release parties that the next single would be "she ain't you". But after the situation that occurred with him at Good Morning America and Playing basketball in NYC by the West 4th street station (pics below)

This video emerged online and it came just in time. It wont erase what happened but it helps to get people back to thinking about his music, not his outburst. I love the feel of the song it has a dance feel and universal message. That everyone is "BEAUTIFUL" , its even a testimony to what people go through every day. I hope you enjoy the video it speaks for itself, a lot of dancing, goofing around and celebrity cameos. The Game, Tinie Tempah, Pharell, Swizz Beatz, Diddy, Teyana Taylor, Ryan Leslie, T-Pain, Tyga, Estelle, Brandy, Nelly, Polow Da Omarion and soooo many more. Its just nice to hear feel-good music again , Enjoy ;-)

I will leave with these words from the song:
"Take your time 
take your time  
take your sexy time  
lose your head  
lose your head 
your beauty's deep inside inside you  
don't let 'em bring you down no  
your beauty is inside you  
don't let 'em bring you down no "

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