Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent the "plus belles pièces"

In Paris, Stefano Pilati (Head designer at the YSL house) a very direct and 60's inspired line hit the runway. It was very reminiscent of YSL lines from before, when simplicity was key and the woman's body was the ultimate focus. There were lots of double breasted coats (knee length), full sleeves, capes with a baroque feel, even men's tailored suits with no shirt underneath (keeps it sexy). Pilati has done a lot with YSL sense his takeover in 2002. Then after a few pieces of dark hounds tooth we get to see a few electric blue and purple pieces. Then there was a phase of tracksuits and all white floor length beauties. The were like the 70's  had comeback with one of Charlies Angels. Then finally the most magnificent wide legged pants with a bow belt and a plethora of feathers that covered the models arms. She looked as if she was blessed with a swans elegance and poise. It was an awesome show and proves how YSL is always staying present in fashion, they re invent things in way you weren't imagining.

Then there is the "plus belles pièces" or the "most beautiful piece"
ahh yess i have died and awakened in a land of wide leg bottoms, swan feathers and satin decadence.

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