Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get ready kids this summer is filled with Boho-Feva!!!!

Being a child of individuality, I have always searched for a personal style that best fit my personality. After years of fashionable turmoil and trying on every possible look. I have become most accustomed and associated with the "Boho" look. It is free, to say the least you can be sexy with out doing as much as a prim and proper diva has to do. I am a fan of the off the shoulders, feathers, long flowing skirts, wild hair and frayed shorts. I am a flower child and i accept my role as a Boho-nista if you will ;)

Rihanna here in Christian Louboutin Luxura Platform Ankle-Strap Pumps, Helmut Lang Frequency Print Skirt & Helmut Lang Assymetrical Top tied in the front....

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