Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Future of Hip Hop : Gilbere Forte

I have beend working on having more of my personal music faves on her so i created, Future of Hip Hop. Where every once and a while i will have a short convo with some of the up and comers in music today. I had the pleasure of attending Bamboozle 2011 and there were a lot of big names on the bill. Wiz Khalifa , Lil Wayne, Pusha T, Travie Mccoy and many more. As much as I loved all the big names there was one name that I ran across that I knew I had to check out, Gilbere Forte'. Thanks to a Good Friend (Najah) that already knew how big of a fan I am of his music. Cold Summer being one of my all time favorites (Check the first Mixtape "87 Dreams"), he is changing the perspective i was beginning to have about the future of hip hop. I am a seed stemming from listening to music like Jdilla , Jayz, Common , Mos Def and Erykah Badu. Born in Flint, Michigan he has moved around Chicago and after a few years ended up in Philly.e I cam across him last year after a friend (S/O to Yasmine) asked me if i had heard anything off his mixtape "87 Dreams" and i hadn't. Then i looked him up and come to find out there was a buzz going on about him well before i knew about him. I fell in love with the mixtape and "Cold Summer" really sold me and from there on I have been following his success.

Then he got his video for "Black Chukkas" on 106 & Park late last year

He has been touring all over, SXSW, Bamboozle and even all the way in Cali. He is an artist to watch and his recent mixtape with the legendary Don Cannon "Eyes of Veritas" is a hit!!! You can go to his site www.gilbereforte.com to download it for FREE  and see all his upcoming shows ;)

Here is the interview with me and Gilbere Forte at Bamboozle 2011 from this past weekend

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