Friday, February 4, 2011

Vintage caps for men do or dont?

Usually i do center a lot of my fashion around my fellow femme fatals out there. But unbeknown to most I do like to dibble dabble in mens fashion quit often. I came across these guys ONLY NY that create awesome Mens wear. It leans more towards casual and Hip hop lifestyle today. I love it though, what really caught my eye though was the vintage fabric they use on there caps. It creates a stellar complexity in fashion to see fabrics that are usually in the clearance section at the fabric store. It blew my mind i picked a few out below, I plan on coppin one for myself. I don't care if they were made for men. They would go great with a pair TOMs in my book. Yeah I can see them fitting write in with any inner-city theme. I have a few of my faves from there vintage collection they are a few bucks more than the new era caps but for a one of a kind cap i think its worth the price. Vintage in my book is always priceless ;-)
Check Them Out Online At: ONLY NY