Thursday, April 21, 2011

LADY DAME "dang-a-lang" Diary of a Dame coming soon

-Circus Records
 After her recent signing to Musicians Meche Korrect & Devin White's Circus Records, Rapper Lady Dame is releasing her first Buzz single "Ding.A.Lang" - The Record is a upbeat female anthem that will not be featured on her mixtape,
"Diary of A Dame" [This Summer, July 2011] But displays a fun, playful side of the MC. "Dang.A.Lang" is an older record I cut that's not representation of the Mixtape or its themes, but strictly just a glimpse of my playful side." Lady Dame stressed [with the rise of so many Rappers & Rap Acts] that her music is truly her most effective form of expression and is not just past time. "I started rapping on a whim, and realized I had the talent for it and that it was an outlet for me. This first project isn't too personal, but my first attempt at sharing with the public some of my perspectives and interpretations." The rapper's official first single, "So High" will be available on Itunes, Amazon & Additional digital music domains May 1st along with the records official Music Video. "The video for 'So High' is something I'm really looking forward's my very first video and I wanna make sure its something special." Look out for Lady Dame's Single & Video next month and Download a copy of her buzz single "Dang.A.Lang" now for FREE below!

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