Monday, December 27, 2010


Well i know the cliche' phrase that "diamonds are girls best friend", but i am a reformed young woman. For 2011 i want this necklace as soon as i find $845.00 to buy it. It reminds me of the imperial days in India, when it was under British rule. There was a beautiful horror in the mixture of exotic culture and refined rules.That is all that came to mind when i saw this necklace.
It was created by Dannijo Omala
Here is the run down on the necklace:
-It is a mixed remedy of gold plated Swarovski Crystals
-it is 15' long and extended all the way it can be as long as 18'
-Hand Made in New York

I love it as a stand alone piece with a model curled in the right position in the nude, with her hair up and a mixture of pristine colors painted on the face. Enjoy.

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