Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hypnotized at will ... N.E.R.D.

I know i am pretty late, this video came out last year. I ran across it yesterday afternoon while i was searching for some new music to throw on my I-pod. I didn't know what to expect, i say this because the first 30 seconds of the video is a scenic scape of this beautiful mansion in a place that looks close to paradise. I will say for a guy that doesn't have a buff body, I got goosebumps all on my neck from watching him stand in that shower with no shirt on. It was a beautiful display of how women should be in music videos. They were like moving stills of every flavor of a woman you can think of. The concept of the women watching his every move is a direct symbolization of the songs lyrics. Enjoy the video and some pics i got from it.

 Whisper the following in any woman's ear and see if they don't buckle for you afterwards ;-)
"Just close your eyes let me hypnotize you
I can make your storm feel sky blue
Girl when you lost you know I’ll find you
If I’m not beside you I’m inside you"

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